MuralWorks in the Schools

What is MuralWorks in the Schools?

Each time we do MuralWorks in the Schools we are astounded by the nature of children. When we stand back and look at what we are doing we are startled by the facts. We are asking a group of 24+ diverse personalities to come together as one coherent force and in an incredible 18 hours produce a public art piece from scratch. What is astounding is to recognize that each classroom has its own group personality. And although different, they all magnificently achieve the objective.

The mechanics of the program and project are simple and common sense in construct, but the interaction with the spirit of children creates a phenomenal demonstration of the human soul. We are honored and blessed to stand witness to the character and sense of honor of young people who, for the most part our society denigrates and marginalizes.

What exactly is MuralWorks in the Schools? It is a question we ask ourselves each time we experience it. For the bosses, it is an opportunity to prove themselves as capable directors of their own fate. For team members it’s an opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie that comes with accomplishment. For the whole classroom there is an air of confidence that emerges from their collective effort to achieve an impossible task – to work together as a cohesive team to produce a public art piece in just 18 hours.