Our Workers

Virtually all of our first time MuralWorkers come enthusiastically prepared for a recreational adventure. Within the first hour the process of forging a competent, capable and committed worker is initiated. MuralWorkers are startled to discover that they are held responsible for their hydration, nutrition, and safety. They are disavowed of their perception of art as being a whimsical free-form playtime and instructed in the reality of disciplines that require interlacing subordination and cooperation. Mural painting is not play – it is work. Very quickly MuralWorkers discover that working together is both physically and mentally challenging. In very short order, young MuralWorkers comment that they didn’t know how hard this work is. For many, there is real fear in their own capabilities to meet the challenges of the project. We are delighted to be honored to witness the moment of realization that the MuralWorker has mastered the challenge.

The challenges the young worker discovers are diverse and multi-faceted and encompass their entire existence. Leadership roles are not given – they are earned. And once earned, they are in jeopardy of being lost through failure to meet the challenge. MuralWorkers paint if it rains. They have to adapt to design changes when community members ask for them.

MuralWorkers are exposed to the universal structure of all businesses. There is a singular project boss who builds the leadership team and in turn leadership team members build their own departments focused on a specific specialty, and all workers are responsible for the performance of duties in this structure. They are intimately required to perform to their peers’ expectations. See chart. Observers from corporations are startled to see in youth mature corporate soft skills practiced with grace and effectiveness.

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